Monday, December 1, 2014


The foreclosure crisis has been slowing for about two years now.  I can tell, as I suspect that there aren't many people who think, I could look at porn or I could read up on tenants in foreclosed properties in California; I'll do the foreclosed properties.  But I'm still getting almost 100 hits a day, on average, so I assume that the blog is still helpful.

This doesn't mean that banks and their agents have become any better behaved, however. They still try to pull the same scams they originated in 2008.  Fannie Mae is still trying to evict tenants in violation of their own rules.  Soon-to-be-foreclosed homeowners are still renting out properties just before the Notice of Default is filed.  Realtors still treat tenants as though we're dog dung.  And owners are still trying the rent-to-own scheme, getting large payments from tenants who will allegedly be able to buy the building in a couple of years, and then allowing the building to go into foreclosure.

I've heard that the "stop eviction" operations are still claiming that they can, for a fee, help tenants to stay in their homes after a foreclosure. Don't pay them money.  Please. From the Notice of Default, a tenant has seven months without paying anyone a sou.